Man named as suspect after woman killed in Gzira car hit / Malta News Briefing – Wednesday 18 January 2023

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Maltatoday says that Jeremie Camilleri, Franco-Maltese national convicted of a series of petty thefts, is the motorist suspected of having ran over woman and killing her on impact.

The Times of Malta reports that a new catamaran service is being lined up after a Maltese businessman buys Ragusa marina.

Newsbook confirms that Prime minister Robert Abela had agreed to a request by retired judge Michael Mallia to extend the term of a committee of experts tasked with reviewing the media laws.

The Malta Independent reports that actor Victor Grech has passed away, aged 96.

TVM says that Transport Malta has collected 137 eScooters which were abandoned illegally since the beginning of the year.

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Woman killed in shocking Gzira incident

A shocking incident took place in Gzira early this morning where a woman was killed when she was hit by a car and then assaulted by the driver. Reports indicate that the incident happened at 1am in Testaferrata Street when a black BMW car smashed into a KFC restaurant after damaging an adjoining petrol station. Eyewitnesses said the driver then got out of the car and threw stones at the victim as she lay on the ground. According to passers-by who gave comments to local media, the man resisted the police and was aggressive to people in the vicinity. The man, who has been identified as a French-Maltese, Jeremie Camilleri, has been arrested.

Tremors recorded 120km off Malta

Seismic monitoring at the University of Malta has recorded two earthquakes close to each other some 120km south of Malta.
The Seismic Monitoring and Research Group SMRG of the University of Malta said the first was at 8.42pm on Tuesday and the other at 5.20am on Wednesday. They were magnitude 4.3 and 4.7. (Times of Malta)

Cruise port sees strong year for passenger numbers: The management of the Valletta Cruise Port is estimating that this year passengers on cruise liners will increase by more than a quarter of a million, bringing the number of passengers up to around 800,000. More than half a million cruise liner passengers arrived in Malta last year. The company managing the port described this year as the one of recovery from the blow which the pandemic dealt to the industry in the previous two years after a record number of 900,000 passengers was reached in 2019. (Maltatoday)

Morning Briefing

ECHR orders Malta not to forcibly deport to Uyghurs

The European Court of Human Rights has ordered Malta not to forcibly deport two Chinese nationals of Uyghur ethnicity, who are being detained at Safi Barracks. The two Chinese nationals filed their application to the ECHR on 13 January, with lawyers from Aditus and Spanish NGO Safeguard Defenders, after being slated for removal to China. They told the ECHR that if deported, they would face a real risk of being subjected to serious violations of their human rights on account of their ethnicity and religion. (Maltatoday)

Tumas Group Chair asks PAC to summon Yorgen Fenech

Tumas Group chairman Ray Fenech – a director at Electrogas, asked the Public Accounts Committee (PAC) to summon Yorgen Fenech, his nephew, to be questioned on the controversial power pant deal. Yorgen Fenech, a former Electrogas director was arrested in November 2019, and is currently in preventive custody awaiting trial for his role in the murder of investigative journalist Daphne Caruana Galizia. He stepped down as director of Tumas Group and Electrogas back in 2019. Testifying before the PAC on Tuesday, Ray Fenech told the committee that if they have further questions regarding the Electrogas power station deal, they should summon Yorgen Fenech, the former CEO of the company. (Newsbook)

Disability benefits will no longer be factor in housing means testing

Recipients of disability benefits will no longer have those payments count against them when applying for housing aid. Social Accommodation Minister Roderick Galdes said that the revised system, applicable retroactively applicable as of January 1, means that applying for Housing Authority help while on disability welfare will not have those benefits factored into means tests. To qualify for Housing Authority aid, applicants must undergo a means test that looks at their income to determine if they are able to continue without further aid. (Times of Malta)

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