Jomic Calleja placed on Europol’s most-wanted register – Malta News Briefing – Wednesday 30 August 2023

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Jomic Calleja placed on Europol’s most-wanted register
Jomic Calleja Maatouk, a convicted importer of explosives, has been added to Europol’s register of Europe’s most sought-after fugitives following his disappearance from Malta. He is being pursued for evading his court appearance and for breaching bail stipulations. 36 years old Calleja Maatouk vanished last week while contesting a five-year imprisonment term for importing explosives and attempting to procure poison through the dark web. Additionally, he is obligated to serve a prison sentence for drug-related offenses. Although he was released on bail pending his appeal, Calleja Maatouk’s absence from signing the bail book for consecutive days led to concerns. Europol’s most wanted list reveals that he has already forfeited €51,000 in bail bonds. The entry notes that he has not adhered to the specified bail conditions. (Times of Malta)

Joint effort needed for rubbish problem – Minister

Environment Minister Miriam Dalli said that collaborative efforts were crucial to resolving the ongoing rubbish crisis. The issue, primarily affecting areas like Sliema, St Julian’s, and Swieqi, stems from factors such as short-term rentals and enforcement gaps. The government is committed to addressing the problem comprehensively through discussions with various stakeholders. Dalli stressed the shared responsibility of the government, residents, councils and businesses, but insisted that the government will continue to promote waste separation for increased recycling, reducing landfill waste. (Maltatoday)

Influenza on the rise this Summer – Health Ministry

This summer has witnessed a notable surge in laboratory-confirmed cases of influenza, averaging 21.57 cases per week during July and August. This statistic does not encompass cases that went unnoticed or unreported. In contrast, the spokesperson highlighted that the preceding four weeks had only seen an average of 0.25 cases per week. According to the Health Ministry, the frequency of reported cases exhibiting influenza-like symptoms has demonstrated an upward trajectory since July 10, with an average weekly rate of 45.17 cases from July 10 to August 20, compared to 26.86 cases in the previous four weeks. (Newsbook)

Morning Briefing

Three remanded in custody after being charged with violent Żurrieq robbery
Three individuals were arraigned in court and faced charges of attempted murder in relation to a robbery targeting a 67-year-old jeweler in Żurrieq on Friday. During the proceedings, Donna Sciberras, aged 29, stated that despite being registered at a Birżebbuġa address, she is homeless. Mohamed Anas Boualam, aged 37, identified himself as a shutter builder residing in Ħaż-Żebbuġ. Zouhair Hadoumi, aged 26, who works as an electrician and plumber, resides in Sliema. All three defendants entered pleas of not guilty to a comprehensive array of charges. These encompass attempted murder of Joseph Carabott, the elderly proprietor of the store. Additionally, the charges involve the use of a weapon to cause severe harm, theft of over €2,329, and causing damage exceeding €2,500. The three did not requested in bail and were remanded in custody. (TVM)

Muscat wants Police chief as witness in court case to remove Magistrate from hospital inquiry
Former PM Joseph Muscat has requested the presence of the police commissioner as a witness in his case alleging a violation of his rights. This legal action aims to remove a magistrate from overseeing the hospitals inquiry case. The actions of the former prime minister have raised concerns from a state lawyer, as Muscat’s move appears to seek insights into the ongoing magisterial inquiry regarding the Vitals hospitals deal. These concerns emerged during the court’s continued involvement in the matter, wherein Muscat contends that his fundamental rights could be compromised if Magistrate Gabriella Vella remained in charge of the hospitals’ inquiry. Muscat is also seeking the submission of any documents related to the case bearing his name (Times of Malta)

Govt to roll-out latest Covid booster

Confirming the ongoing decrease in immunity from Covid-19 boosters over time, the Health Ministry has stated that the government will be introducing the latest annual booster in October. The Health Ministry emphasized the significance of an annual booster vaccination, especially for vulnerable populations. The Ministry pointed out the current rise in reported cases within the Northern Hemisphere, underscoring the need for continuous protection. This trend has also manifested in Malta, where the weekly average of cases increased from 80.75 cases between June 26 and July 23 to 143.75 cases between July 24 and August 20. (Newsbook)

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