Plan to address road deaths by end of year / Malta News Briefing – Wednesday 7 December 2022

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The Times of Malta reports that environment activist and Majjistral Park ranger Cami Appelgren has filed a police report claiming she was attacked by three hunters or trappers while returning home from work on Tuesday.

Maltatoday reports that a man has been remanded in custody after allegedly forcing his ex-girlfriend to have sex with him in front of another man, as part of what the police have described as a ‘some form of ritual.’

TVM says that 45,000 vulnerable families will receive between €100 and €643 in cost of living allowance benefit.

The Malta Independent says that the Transport Ministry has confirmed that it will be releasing a plan to address the increased number of road deaths by the “end of the year”. Transport Minister Aaron Farrugia, over a month ago, had said that “in the coming days” he shall be releasing a plan to address this issue.

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Site of fatal Corradino collapse was leased to alleged human trafficker

A senior Lands Authority official who has faced accusations of human trafficking is linked to the fatal Corradino building collapse.
The Times of Malta reveals today that the government land on which the private factory was being built is leased to Lands Authority official Kurt Buhagiar and his business partner Matthew Schembri. The report suggests that Buhagiar, 38, is the right-hand man of Lands Authority CEO Robert Vella. His lawyers said that their client denies any wrongdoing and is cooperating with the ongoing investigations into the collapse, which killed one person and injured five other.

Caruana Galizia calls for public access to BO info when legitimate interest arises

A European court ruling on public access to beneficial owner (BO) information should not shut door on access for people who can demonstrate a legitimate interest, the journalist and transparency activist Matthew Caruana Galizia argued. Back in November, the Malta Business Registry removed all public access to its BO registry limiting the information to competent authorities and subject persons only on the strength of a European Court of Justice ruling that the provision of the EU’s anti-money-laundering directive for access to BO registries is invalid as it interferes with the fundamental rights of beneficial owners themselves. (Maltatoday)

Three men to be charged with Rivas killing

The three Romanian who have allegedly attacked and killed Joseff Rivas – a British man resident in Romania, will be charged in Court today. The murder occurred at St Julian’s on Monday afternoon and the Police arrested them yesterday morning. Several media reports suggest that the victim was well-known to police authorities and was on Interpol’s wanted list and a European arrest warrant was issued in connection with a homicide in the UK. (TVM)

Morning Briefing

Culture Minister says politicians or clergy should not decide whetheter a woman terminates pregnancy

Culture Minister Owen Bonnici said that politicians, clergy or NGOs should not be deciding whether a woman terminates her pregnancy to safeguard her health or life. Bonnici insisted such a decision rests with the parties and their doctors, when speaking in parliament on the decriminalisation of abortion if a woman’s health or life is at risk. The debate on the amendment to the Criminal Code put forward by government is at Second Reading stage. (Maltatoday)

Secret agreement have grounded Air Malta – PN

Secret side agreements signed by the government and Air Malta staff have left the national airline grounded and unable to take off, the PN said. “Air Malta not only employs many individuals but also is key for tourism, and foreign direct investment,” MP Ivan J Bartolo said. However secret side agreements made by the Labour government are a spanner in the wheel that is Air Malta’s recovery, the PN said. Fellow MP Ivan Castillo added questioned whether any plan for saving Air Malta exists at all. “We are still waiting to see the plan and our suspicion is that he doesn’t have one,” he said. (Times of Malta)

Mediocrity from construction sector cannot be accepted, industry body says

The Malta Chamber of Construction Management has emphasised the need for professionalism within the construction industry, in light of recent tragic events. The Chamber said that during the previous months, “the chamber concentrated on raising the quality standards through several channels, emphasising the need for further professional development. Obtaining a degree is good but not enough. The construction industry is continuously evolving, thus, all the stakeholders working in it, and this includes the members our chamber represents, must make sure to remain alert and upscale their knowledge by further training.” (The Malta Independent)

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