Malta News Evening Roundup – Friday 24th August 2018

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Good evening

This is the evening Malta news roundup.

Times of Malta reported that the meeting between 10 European Union member states on Friday failed to come up with a solution to the latest migration tussle in the Mediterranean, diplomats said. TVM added that the immigrants aboard the Italian coastguard vessel Diciotti have started a hunger strike. This as the situation remains unchanged regarding disembarkation of some 150 immigrants rescued by the Italian coastguard nine days ago, and who have been waiting in Catania’s port for five days to disembark. NetNews leads with it too.

The Independent reports that the owner of a number of massage parlours has admitted to using them for the purposes of prostitution this morning after he and four Colombian women were charged with operating a brothel. 42-year-old Joseph Zammit from Marsascala appeared before magistrate Natasha Galea Sciberras, charged with knowingly living off the earnings of prostitution, owning or participating in the running of a brothel and permitting his property to be used for prostitution or immoral purposes.

MaltaToday added Lawyer Arthur Azzopardi emphasised that this case was not one of trafficking for sex exploitation. “It is a clear case of keeping a brothel. The women were part of a commercial partnership and were paid from the takings of the business.”

TVM reports that an Easyjet flight which left Malta today at about 12.15 p.m. had to make an emergency landing at Lyon airport because a foreign boy on board the plane was feeling unwell.

One News refers to a certificate Malta’s Citizenship by Investment programme received in its lead story.

Shift News leads with a story referring to the recently suspended employment laws. These changes “raised fundamental legal questions that had to be addressed before being published, the Malta Employment Lawyers Association (MELA) said in a statement that slammed the government for its failure to consult stakeholders.”

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