Malta: President Vella launches public consultation on constitutional reform

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President George Vella yesterday launched a public consultation exercise that will lead to the much awaited constitutional reform.

The launch of a website,, will be an avenue via which recommendations and suggestions may be forwarded.

Speaking at the press conference, President George Vella said that this must be dealt with in a holistic manner, and in a way that does not stretch on.

He noted that there were “suspicions” that the two major parties will be making their own decisions on the constitutional reform, and agreed that these circumstances would never be a credible option for the people.

“It must be completely open for everyone,” the President insisted.

The President continued by pointing out that submissions had already been made over  the years, from political parties and a number of academics. This website, he said will allow everyone to have the right to express their ideas on this reform.

The public will have a period of three months to send in their proposals, after which a group specially trained for this will analyse this data.

The constitutional reform began under President Emeritus Marie Louise Coleiro Preca, who had previously been appointed by the two main political parties to discuss plans for constitutional reform.

Current President George Vella took her place on the steering committee following his inauguration as president

Via The Malta Independent


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