Malta: Private cars make three-fourths of all vehicles

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The number of registered cars reached a record of 400,586 in the third quarter 2020. Figures by the National Statistics Office show a rise of more than 5,000 vehicles from the previous quarter, equivalent to a net average increase rate of 56 new cars per day. In the first and second quarters, the daily rate of new cars experienced a decrease.

Passengers cars made 67.7 percent of all new registrations, amounting to 3,490 vehicles. Of these, 55 percent were newly licensed used cars and 45 percent brand new models. Motorbikes made 17.6 percent of all new registrations with lorries, buses, and agricultural and special purposes vehicles making the remaining 15.3 percent.

Compared with Q3 2019, the total number of registered vehicles increased by 14.5 percent. By the end of September 2020, passenger cars excluding garage hire, lease, taxi, or self-drive stood at 73.8 percent of total licensed stock the biggest single vehicle group. Commercial vehicles including goods-carrying cars made 14.6 percent.

There were 448 route buses in the third quarter last year, including 30 newly licensed ones.

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