Malta’s Newspaper Sunday Headlines – The co-option, the election and the week that was for the PN

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The Independent on Sunday says that a meeting of the PN’s Executive Council on Saturday did not discuss issues related to Adrian Delia’s leadership, the party’s administration or its strategy.

The Sunday Times also covers the Executive Council sessions in which Gozo candidate Kevin Cutajar was co-opted to the parliamentary seat vacated by David Stellini at the end of May. Cutajar said it is a privilege to serve in the House.

Illum reports on a stormy week within the Nationalist Party that led to Kevin Cutajar’s co-option by the Executive Council on Saturday.

Kulħadd says newly co-opted Kevin Cutajar is part of the ‘Busuttil faction’ and that PN Secreaty General Clyde Puli encouraged other candidates to contest the seat, among them Ryan Mercieca who was accused of plagiarism.

Malta Today reveals that former PN General Secretary Joe Saliba said that the party’s core vote is not big enough to make it electable in 2022. Addressing the General Council, Saliba said that the PN’s chances have also been affected by infighting.

Illum says that PN MEP David Casa stopped renting office space at the PN’s Dar Ċentrali in Pietà the day after fellow MEP Roberta Metsola was appointed Head of Delegation. Casa had the role in the last legislature.

In other stories we read:

The Sunday Times announces plans by Ryanair to set up a new airline based in Malta to incorporate all routes operating from the country. The company currently has 61 flights to and from the country.

Malta Today report on the story too and says that the new airline, Malta Air, will start operating with sic aircraft. Ryanair’s new subsidiary will have its own head office and engineering department in Malta.

The Sunday Times reports on a lucky escape by a 77-year-old woman whose apartment in Mellieħa collapsed on Saturday morning. The apartment sits next door to a construction site and the woman only suffered slight injuries.

Il-Mument quotes a statement by the Kamra Tal-Periti in reaction to the house collapse in Mellieħa and says that it is a  ‘direct symptom’ of the chaos currently prevailing in the construction industry.

The Independent on Sunday speaks to Financial Intelligence Analysis Unit director and deputy director about the anti-money laundering situation in Malta. Deputy Alfred Zammit said that criticism towards the FIAU has often been unfair.

It-Torċa says that street-market businesses joined the General Workers Union and are holding discussions to publish a White Paper with concrete proposals for the open-air market.

Kulħadd says that the public and private sector invested an combined €520 million in the first three months of the year. In another story, the paper writes about the effects of social media on the May elections.

It-Torċa quotes an EU report which estimates that Malta lost some €12 million from contraband sales of cigarettes. In another story, the paper says that Maltese and Italian officials may face charges about migrants losing their lives at sea.


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