Maltese Editors Perspective

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The Times of Malta reflects on the sentencing of two young Turkish mothers to six months in prison for travelling with forged documents last week has provoked a debate on how the courts function and whether justice is indeed blind. The Editor argues that while courts and the judiciary must ensure that justice is done in a timely fashion, justice must also have a human face.

The Independent argues that politicians are there to serve, not to be served. Many of them forget this once they are elected and, if their party is in government, given a place on the Cabinet or some other important post. The electorate should remember this when they cast their vote.

L-Orizzont laments that the EU has drifted away from its social commitment and political leaders should be pushing for social rights to not only be enshrined but also respected in practice.

The Business Weekly welcomes a positive shift in terms of the way Malta is approaching climate change, referring to recent initiatives and support measures launched by the Energy Ministry.

In-Nazzjon says that a culture of impunity remains prevalent with Ministers and MPs standing accused of breaking the law continuing to find support in Parliament.

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