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Maltese Editors Perspectives

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The Times of Malta express concern on the Government’s decision to remove the coordinator of the COVID-19 response team, which leads to the Editor to question whether Government are actually following science.

The Independent recalls how the current spike in Covid-19 cases has been directly attributed to private social gatherings during the Christmas and New Year period, where many chose to ignore the advice given by the health authorities to avoid mixing with members of different households. In this context, the Editor express hope that such situation does not replicate itself over the Carnival weekend.

Business Today argues that a judicious timing is necessary for COVID vouchers rollout. The editor expresses hope that rather than have businesses, unions and government bickering between them on the timing, a more co-operative approach would be more than welcome.

The Malta Business Weekly notes recent poor figures on Malta’s take-up of renewable energy, highlighting a waning interest in investment in renewable energy sources.

L-Orizzont calls for an open dialogue on the future direction of the European Union, where the fight against extremism and poverty should be prioritised.

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