Maltese Editors’ Perspectives

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The Times of Malta argues for a thorough reform of Parliament, arguing that the move to a full-time parliament and the complete abolition of any business or commercial interests for MPs and their spouses would also contribute to tackling nepotism.

The Malta Independent takes inspiration from yesterday’s destruction of another green space, this time in Zebbug. The Editor argues that this senseless destruction of the environment can only be stopped by voting out those who are bringing this destruction upon the country.

L-Orizzont focuses on the situation in Libya, ten years after the revolution, arguing that the country finds itself divided and seeing a bleak future.

In-Nazzjon reflects on President Vella’s decision to hold a conference on national unity, insisting that unity should be practiced and not merely spoken about.

Business Today tackles the dire situation at Air Malta recalling its strategic role and the need to explore new markets. The Editor insists that Malta must make a strong case for more flexibility in the EU’s state aid rules, especially when these concern small islands that suffer from natural connectivity disadvantages.

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