Maltese Editors’ Perspectives

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The Times of Malta argues that the prostitution reform law being proposed by the government risks leading to the protection of pimps, traffickers and men while doing little to reduce the harm done to those caught in the web of prostitution. The Editor reflects the views of the coalition on Human Trafficking and Prostitution, arguing that the priority should be to help vulnerable women caught up in prostitution, ensure full protection to those who willingly enter the trade while castigating those who try to exploit them.

The Independent takes a look at different projects currently planned for Ta’ Qali, including car parks and a cycling track besides the extension of the existing green areas. The Editorial suggests making Ta’ Qali a car-free zone, or at least part of it, arguing that the government should look into this idea before actually starting works on the aforementioned projects.

L-Orizzont takes up the issue of minimum wages around the world, arguing neo-liberal movements across the globe have ensured that little progress is achieved in this regard. The Editor suggests that workers should unite further in addressing this issue and should not be afraid in making their voice heard.

In-Nazzjon also looks into the issue of low-income earners, focusing on the Maltese situation when an increasing number of families are struggling to make ends meet, particularly in cases of single-parent situations.

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