Maltese Editors Perspectives

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The Times of Malta argues that our political leaders need to start defining a new Plan B for our economy. This plan would gradually lead to a departure from high-risk and volatile activities to more sustainable ones that offer better prospects for ordinary people’s livelihoods.

The Independent says there is no other way but for Carmelo Abela to step down or for the PM to force him to do so. The Editor argues that PM Robert Abela cannot afford to repeat Muscat’s mistakes and a government cannot be taken seriously when it holds on to a minister who is, on a daily basis being accused of complicity in an attempted robbery.

Both L-Orizzont and In-Nazzjon tackle foreign issues in their Editorial.

The former looks at Jair Bolsonaro’s scandal-ridden administration of Brazil, arguing that the South American country deserves a fresh start. The PN’s paper focuses on the recent escalation of conflicts between Israel and Palestine auspicating a swift return to peace, advocating a stronger role for Malta which it says has a good relationship with both sides.