Maltese Editors Perspectives

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The Times of Malta argues that Euro 2020 has taught us is that sometimes it is our unelected leaders who show the most leadership and consistency when speaking about important and uncomfortable issues. It is not elected politicians who stoke the fire without understanding the potential devastating consequences. While British PM has repeatedly failed to condemn racist incidents, manager Gareth Southgate has repeatedly spoken out against racism and in favour of compassion and led England in taking the knee, despite knowing some supporters would jeer.

L-Orizzont shares a similar sentiment, noting how extremism and prejudices remain strong in Malta. The Editor argues that for the country to move beyond this reality, politician should avoid riding populistic waves in the hope of making short term gains.

The Independent laments that Malta is back to square one in terms of Covid numbers. The influx of unvaccinated foreign students – whom we encouraged to come over even by offering them money to spend – has unfortunately led to a return of the virus, a return with a vengeance.

In-Nazzjon speaks about the situation within the police corps, an organisation which the editor says has been dismantled by Labour. It argues that community policing will not work if law enforcement will act on party lines.

Maltatoday argues that the decision to immediately close off language schools after the recent increase in Covid-19 cases appears to be ill thought. Rather than reacting to episodes, Government should come up with a plan, discussed with medical advisers.