Maltese Editors Perspectives

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The Times defends the decision to select Marsa as Malta’s first capital of culture. However, the Editor argues that the people of Marsa, like those of any other town or village in Malta, deserve to feel safe from urban crime and surrounded by an environment that is pleasant and welcoming.

The Independent calls for solutions for the future of the agricultural industry, arguing that farmers are living with their livelihoods finely balancing underneath a guillotine as many fields are rented out to farmers on the basis of protected agricultural leases.

The Business Weekly looks at the different facets related to businesses taking parts of public space such as pavements and gardens, particularly with regards to recent developments in Valletta.

The Business Today calls for the drawing up an economic vision not influenced by partisan politics and argues that the October budget should look at the bigger picture and not merely a budget for an incumbent government seeking re-election it will have failed.

L-Orizzont tackles the presence of children on television saying that it is unacceptable to have kids younger than three being used for such purposes.

In-Nazzjon says that Labour’s policy is one built on handing out ‘gifts’, such as jobs, in order to attract voters.