Maltese Editors Perspectives

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The Times of Malta says that quarantine hotels must stop, adding that while we cannot let down our guard, we should stop resorting to extreme measures that risk alienating law-abiding citizens that have patiently obeyed all instructions.

The Independent questions recent changes in data provided by health authorities relating to Covid-19 testing and cases, arguing that while focusing on people in hospital and how many need intensive care is important, it is equally important to continue adding up the numbers and also to see the proportion of new cases in comparison with the number of swab tests.

Maltatoday refers to the recent visit by the President to the site where journalist Daphne Caruana Galizia was murdered, and adds that national healing to be truly effective must also come from other leaders within the apparatus of government not least, Prime Minister Robert Abela.

L-Orizzont rails against the frequent argument made that migrants take the jobs of Maltese people, insisting that in the majority of cases migrants are doing jobs that locals refuse to.

In-Nazzjon focuses its Editorial on the need for a change for the better saying that people are paying a price for the web of criminality which has taken over the country.

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