Maltese Editors Perspectives

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The Times of Malta says that the pandemic has disrupted educational systems and this it was crucial that authorities urgently assess the impact of the pandemic on education and design and implement policies and interventions that engage with such impact.

The Independent expresses hope that the recent judgements related to online hate speech serve as a deterrent in view of a growing trend of hate speech on social media in the past months, not only on matters that could be considered as racist.

Referring to a recent stand-off between the UK and France on migrants based in Calais, l-Orizzont argues that it is unacceptable that migrants continue to be used as pawns according to the need of countries, in clear breach of human rights.

In-Nazzjon says that Labour has forgotten its roots and has given away to the interests of big business forgetting the plight of those on the margins of society.

The Business Weekly reflects on a recent survey showing that consumption of fish is less popular than one would perhaps expect in a Mediterranean country, saying that sustainable fishing should be promoted further together with fish-to-plate concepts and affordability.

The Business Today says that good governance dictates that what is good for the goose is good for the gander and political party companies should not be afforded privileges private companies don’t enjoy.

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