Maltese Editors Perspectives

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The Times of Malta dedicates its leading op-ed to the State of the European Union speech by Commission President von der Leyen. The Editor says that this year’s address highlighted the many outstanding issues that tend to undermine the union’s cohesion – issues that will continue to prove challenging to resolve in the coming year – as well as the strong values and goals that bind it.

L-Orizzont tackles the issue of nursing homes, saying that it is time to ensure a presence by authorities on site to get the real feel of the situation in these places. The Editor feels it is unfair that the elderly are generally given the blame if they complain about the service received in such institutions.

The Independent takes Minister Edward Zammit Lewis to task, arguing that he has no place on Parliament’s standards committee. He certainly has no place in a discussion involving other ministers who breached ethics.

In-Nazzjon reflects on the challenges faced by Maltese society in terms of a lower birth rate and less families being formed, saying that young couple should be supported in a stronger manner to purchase their first home.

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