Maltese Editors’ Perspectives

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Three editors today join the chorus of disapproval at the questionable Covid-19 strategy adopted by Maltese authorities as coronavirus cases soar again.

The Times of Malta argues that Malta’s current Covid-19 strategy is questionable. Lack of trust in the authorities’ response has the potential of doing more harm to our economy than any cancellation of mass events and proper monitoring of incoming commercial travellers, such as through an obligatory COVID-19 test prior to reaching Malta. The prime minister’s actions and public statements have raised questions about whether decisions are being taken in the interest of the public or to appease the business lobby.

The Independent also comes down hard on the decision to market Malta as a party hotspot, taking over parties that have been pushed away from other countries. The Editor says Malta seems to have its head in the clouds, while welcoming the decision by some organisers to cancel events.


The Business Today reflects this same opinion, insisting that while it agreed to re-opening, wisdom dictated that clear, enforceable protocols of health and safety should have remained in place. The government should have retained the moral

authority of relaxing and introducing such measures in response to epidemiological data. The Editor argues that the message from government has not been a consistent one, despite claims to the contrary.


L-Orizzont takes a very courageous stand in the current immigration debate to show solidarity to people escaping from violence and sufferance. The Editor reminds its readers that the Labour Party is a left-wing institution which has as one of its core values the defence of vulnerable members of society. The Editor thinks it is hypocritical that people who have been demonstrating against immigrants would be the first ones to express the religious beliefs.

In-Nazzjon says that Prime Minister Robert Abela is playing a very dangerous game and while carrying out cosmetic changes in policy, in reality not much change have been delivered, pointing at people who have been accused of corruption and crimes still roaming scot free.

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