Maltese med-tech company is Premium Sponsor for the European Cycling Championships

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The wearable sensors of the company specialising in healthcare technology will be used during the European Cycling Championships: ultrathin nanotechnology to capture and monitor the athletes’ physical values in real time

Umana Medical is getting ready to make its debut in the cycling world during the UEC Road Championships – Trentino 2021, scheduled to happen in Trento between the 8th and 12th September 2021.

The medical technology company, with its head office in Malta, is one of the premium sponsors for this event in Trento where more than 800 athletes hailing from 50 nations will compete within a few days. Participants include some of the top names from the world of cycling, as well as cycling’s most recent star, Tadej Pogačar.

Umana Medical will be involved directly on the course: in fact the company will be providing some of the athletes with Umana T1, its advanced monitoring system to measure their vital parameters and performance during the race.

Umana T1 is a noninvasive monitor which uses ultrathin nanotechnology to capture readings such as pulse frequency, respiratory variability and blood pressure during physical activity.

“We are honoured to offer our innovative solution to monitor the athletes’ physical conditions in real time during the races,” stated Adrian Attard Trevisan, Managing Director for Umana Medical. “Our technology will help the athletes to analyse their own values and therefore optimize their performance.”

Umana Medical is part of Gpi Group, an international group specialising in healthcare technology with its head office in Trentino. “There is a double bond between Gpi Group and the European Cycling Championships 2021,” Fausto Manzana, founder and director, explained. “We both have our roots in the city of Trento, and our commitment to healthcare innovation is the same as that which pushes the professional athletes to reach their maximum performance.”

“Our solutions help thousands of persons every day to live a better life and push themselves further: we want to transfer this energy and determination to the athletes who are participating in such an important event,” declared Fabio Rossi, director of Gpi Group. “With this strategic collaboration we want to inspire professional and amateur athletes, as well as all the fans of the sport around the world.”