Marisa Attard With New Solo Exhibition Themed “Off-Kilter”

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“Art and Illustration Are Powerful Tools to Communicate Strong Messages” 

by James Vella Clark

Illustration artist Marisa Attard is hosting a new solo exhibition of her inimitable characters at Gallery 23 in Balzan. The exhibition, themed Off-Kilter (Whacky, Weird and Wonderful), opened on the 25th of November and will remain open till the 11th of December.

Speaking about her work, Marisa explains how she applies collage in her art to imply the multi-layered meaning of her paintings. 

“I prefer to invite the viewer to interpret them as they wish, to just enjoy the humorous side, or take it a notch deeper. No hard and fast rules. I sometimes refer to my paintings as fun art as opposed to fine art because I like to elicit smiles.”

“However, life is also messy and multi-layered, so I feel the need to express this through my art as well. I like to show the good, the bad and the ugly and get people to question or think about what is going on around them. Art and illustration can be powerful tools to communicate strong messages,” adds Marisa.

Describing herself as an avid ‘people-watcher’, Marisa works through sketching and mental notes wherever she is.

“It could be on the beach, in a hospital or a doctor’s waiting room, whilst driving or at a social event like a wedding, I seek to highlight people in all their varied wonderfulness.”

“Off-kilter – the weird and whacky, the sad, the humorous, are people that inhabit my mind and it is truly a good thing that I can express myself and let them out onto paper or canvas through my art. My art is cathartic. It is my voice,” concluded Marisa.

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