MEA finds PN’s energy proposals as positive and constructive

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The Malta Employers’ Association described the document – A New Energy Future for Malta presented by the Partit Nazzjonalista as encouraging, and with a vision to transform the country to achieve renewable targets and goals that translate into a greener economy with more efficient energy generation from which businesses and households may benefit.

This statement followed a meeting with Ing. Ryan Callus, the PN’s spokesman for energy.

The MEA stated that the recommendations include opportunities for investment and the generation of green jobs. One area in which this is evident is the electrification of transport, with an investment in infrastructure to facilitate the diffusion of electric powered transport.

The proposal to review existing contractual obligations to explore cheaper options to maximise interconnector use is beneficial, especially if it results in a reduction in commercial rates. The interconnector provides the option to ‘shop around’ for the best offers in the purchase of energy. The floating wind platforms is also worth exploring and can be feasible given Malta’s geographical limitations.

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