Surveillance cameras to be installed in ambulances as Medical professionals in Naples under attack, including hijacking

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The city of Naples has experienced at least five attacks on medical professionals in as many days, Italian media reported on Monday. The incidents, which include hijacking an ambulance, are thought to be the latest assault on daily life by the city’s infamous organised crime syndicate, the Camorra, DW reports.

Italy’s Interior Ministry announced that surveillance cameras will be installed on ambulances operating in the Naples area and inside hospitals, starting from Jan. 15, in response to the hijacking. 

The Telegraph reports that “according to Nobody Touches Hippocrates, an association that has been reporting similar attacks on its Facebook page, Sunday’s is the fifth incident of this kind since the beginning of the year.  The teenagers stormed the emergency room of the Loreto Mare hospital on Sunday afternoon and forced the medical crew with verbal threats to board the ambulance, doctors said. 

With three teenagers on board, the ambulance drove towards the nearby neighborhood of Case Nuove, a notorious headquarters of criminal gangs involved in drug trafficking. 

The BBC reports that the incident, which occurred at the Loreto Mare Hospital on Sunday afternoon, was resolved after the boy received on-the-spot treatment.

On Monday, the founder and president of Nobody Touches Hippocrates, Manuel Ruggiero, suggested increasing security at some of Italy’s hospitals.

“Where it is not possible to have police in the emergency room, army units could be useful to stem the growing violence against health personnel,” he told Italy’s Ansa news agency.

Via DW / The Telegraph / BBC / ANSA

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