Mellitah Oil and Gas stops flights of expat workers into Libya because of coronavirus, no cases reported in Libya so far

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Mellitah Oil and Gas, a National Oil Corporation and Eni joint venture, has stopped all flights bringing in foreign workers to its sites until further notice. The move is taken as a precautionary measure to mitigate the possible spread of the Coronavirus, the company said.

Mellitah said it would use local cadres where needed to cover gaps left by foreign workers.

Libya’s Tripoli based Health Ministry had announced that there were no cases of the Coronavirus in Libya and that it had taken a series of mitigating measures against its spread.

The denial came after some unofficial reports claimed that some cases were identified in some hospitals.

The Ministry reminded the public that its National Centre for Disease Control is the only entity under it that is authorised to register and diagnose any cases of Corona virus.

Meanwhile, in its news bulletin yesterday, Libya’s National Centre for Disease Control said that it has taken a number of measures, including: the formation of the National Committee to Confront the new Coronavirus; the continuous monitoring of the global epidemiological situation; the activation of thermal camera detection for passengers at all ports; the preparation of a medical manual for those working in the field for raising the alert level at the alarm network and early and rapid response and intensified health awareness and education campaigns.

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