Meteorologists predict Europe heading to one long hot summer, unstable weather predicted for Italy

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Summer has hardly started in Europe that countries like Great Britain, France, Portugal, and Spain are already experiencing temperature of 30 degrees Celsius.

According to Accuweather’s 2019 summer forecast, heat waves could be a trend this summer in Europe, with temperatures reaching 40 degrees Celsius are possible in France, Spain, and Portugal.

On the other hand it predicted that Italy will experience volatile weather with the greatest risk will be for damaging winds, hail and flash flooding.

Météo France arrived to a similar conclusion and predicted that Europe would experience warmer temperatures this summer due to high-pressure systems.

The State Meteorological Agency of Spain issued warnings for high temperatures in parts of Andalusia over the weekend.

Heat waves and dry weather in Europe could put several countries at risk for wildfires, with northern Portugal, Spain, and the Alps most at risk, according to an Accuweather prediction for this summer.

AccuWeather predicted that Portugal and Spain could see multi-day heat waves with temperatures above 43 degrees Celsius. it said that unseasonably warm nights will also be a concern during these heat waves, making for dangerous conditions as homes without air conditioning that will be unable to cool down before heat builds again the following day.

Météo France predicted that dry conditions could affect the northern part of Europe in the summer months.

The Climate Change Institute at the University of Maine showed high temperatures for the week of June 2 in the high 20s across Europe.


Via Euronews/Accuweather

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