Microsoft Malta Doubles Azure Customer Base In 24 Months

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Over the past two years, Microsoft Malta has managed to double its local corporate client base using the Microsoft Azure platform and by working closely with industry partners, Microsoft is now on course to re-double that original figure in an even shorter period.

“Microsoft’s vision is to make organisations independent with us not dependant on us,” explains Adrian Gatt, Microsoft’s Business Development Manager for Greece, Malta and Cyprus.

“We do not want to be seen simply as a supplier – a cost centre. We are supporting organisations in their infrastructure and application development requirements, building, or enhancing their data-driven business model and strategy and also ensuring business continuity even from an operational perspective especially during the Covid-19 pandemic.”

Microsoft recently rolled out an extensive outreach programme with the players in the iGaming space to better understand their strategic objectives and provide new target-oriented solutions to the wider gaming community. This partner-led strategy is enabling customers to set and achieve bigger goals with the Azure platform.

Azure has positioned itself as the leading global cloud service, enabling organisations to focus their efforts on the core competencies leaving the heavy lifting to Microsoft in terms of system creation and management that powers their customer value propositions.

Mr Gatt said that Microsoft offers businesses, whether start-ups, small companies or large enterprises, the flexibility to develop solutions tailored to their use scenarios.

“Customers have choices. With our commitment to open source, and support for all languages and frameworks, customers can build their applications how they want, and deploy them where they need them.

Microsoft’s active engagement with the Azure customer base helps build the right products to anticipate the challenges and opportunities faced by the iGaming community. As a partner-led organisation, the platform’s technical experts and architects help businesses develop the specific solutions they require.

The iGaming sector is a primary example of the versatility and scale-up capacity of the Azure platform. Gaming has quickly expanded from a niche market to a global industry in its own right, vying for customer airtime with other forms of entertainment.

These developments have, in turn, contributed to increased market regulation in different jurisdictions that seek to establish player protection regimes that were never created for more traditional entertainment categories.

Meanwhile, as business models rely increasingly on data-driven strategies, the powerful analytics and insights delivered by the Azure infrastructure are shaping the future of the gaming industry.

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