Microsoft says it’s boosted phishing protection in Windows 11

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In the latest version of Windows 11, namely 22H2, Microsoft has introduced a feature in its Defender SmartScreen tool designed to, hopefully, keep passwords safer.

The enhanced phishing protection automatically detects when a user types their password into an app or website and knows immediately whether the app or site has a secure connection to a trusted website. If that’s not the case, Windows lets users know – both that the site is likely dodgy and that they need to change their passwords – and alerts administrators through Defender for Endpoint.

The enhanced phishing protection feature is among several security capabilities available in Windows 11 version 22H2, which was introduced last week.

Microsoft, along with rivals Apple and Google, is pressing hard for a future without passwords for authentication. Microsoft is embracing stuff like biometrics – including fingerprint and face scans – and device PINs as alternatives, and the three giants in May announced support for standards being put forth by the FIDO Alliance and World Wide Web (W3) consortium.

Those standards could be implemented in early 2023.

Microsoft views passwords as unreliable, in large part because users tend to use the same password for multiple sites. A report by SpyCloud earlier this year found that 64 percent repeat passwords and 70 percent of passwords that have been compromised are still in use.

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