Milan suspends use of e-scooters rental

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The authorities in Milan, Italy, have informed companies in the city that hire electric scooters to suspend their activity and to withdraw from circulation this means of transportation within three days.

The document, signed by the councillors Anna Scavuzzo (Security) and Marco Granelli (Mobility), warns the operators from continuing the activity of renting the vehicles until the necessary laws and regulations come into force that will define the rules for the circulation of new generation electric vehicles (such as Segway’s and hoverboards).

.The first fleet of e-scooters arrived in Milan in October 2018 thanks to Helbiz, despite the absence of rules on the use of these vehicles. Then, since spring, other companies have been added. In July there were seven in the city.

In June, Transport Minister Danilo Toninelli signed a decree with the first rules that allows scooters in pedestrian cycle routes and in areas with a speed limit of 30 kilometres per hour.

Pavements are absolutely forbidden. For offenders, fines starting at € 26 upwards.

Municipalities intending to start trials have to to install signs to indicate where electric vehicles can circulate and provided that the user is in possession of the license.

At the end of July, the Municipality of Milan started the first tests, only in pedestrian areas and at speeds limited to six kilometres per hour. The companies that rent the fleets in the meantime have continued with their trade.

Incidents have also occurred: a pedestrian was hit by a user driving a scooter suffering fractures. Following this, Italian prosecutors opened an exploratory file to ascertain whether the companies are operating legally and whether they have all the necessary requirements, including insurance. Also checking the possible responsibilities of the Municipality.



Via Corriere della Sera

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