‘More mutations coming,’ WHO expert warns

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Dr David Nabarro, a World Health Organisation (WHO) special envoy for COVID-19, has told Sky News there was “light at the end of the tunnel” for the UK in tackling COVID.

“Looking at it from a UK point of view, there does appear to be light at the end of the tunnel… I think that it’s going to be bumpy before we get to the end,” he said.

“So even though it’s possible to start imagining that the end of the pandemic is not far away, just everybody be ready for the possibility that there will be more variations and mutations coming along, or that there will be further challenges, other surges of even Omicron coming.”

He said children did not get very ill from COVID-19, and “we’re going to have children acting as vectors of the virus for some time to come.”

Dr Nabarro added that there was a need to still be “respectful of this virus”, saying: “Do what you can to stop transmitting it. Do what you can to protect others from being affected by it. It’s not the common cold.

“I know people would like it to be but it’s a virus that has still some really unpleasant features. Let’s do our best to protect people from it if we possibly can.”

Photo – Dr David Nabarro. EPA/MARTIAL TREZZINI

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