More than 972,000 Italians have received Covid-19 vaccine

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Italy has already used 69% of all available Covid-19 vaccines, ensuring that more than 972,000 people have received the first jab in the past weeks. This number includes 734,969 healthcare workers, 155,865 other employees in healthcare, and 81,265 persons living in nursing homes for the elderly.

Italian authorities have also released data relating to the performance of difference regions, focusing on the ratio between available vaccines and actual vaccinations taking place. The Southern State of Campania, home to the city of Naples, has utilised 92.4% of available vaccines. The lowest ratio was registered in Calabria, at 39.4%.

Over-60s and people with chronic health problems are next in line, though Italy has not begun vaccinating these groups yet. As the campaign picks up speed, police, prison wardens, teachers and other key workers will be offered the jab next, before it eventually becomes available to all later in 202.

Like most European nations, Italy has received vaccines manufactured by both Pfizer and Moderna.

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