Nespresso stops Guatemala purchases after child labour allegations

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An investigation by Britain’s Channel Four alleges links between Swiss coffee brand Nespresso and child labour in Guatemala.

The company says it has stopped purchases from the region and is investigating, according to the Thomson Reuters Foundation.

The documentary by Britain’s Channel 4 News shows children working on six farms in Guatemala, the largest coffee producer in Central America. The farms allegedly supply to Nestlé-owned coffee giant Nespresso.

Nespresso, headquartered in Switzerland, says it sources all its coffee beans ethically and that it is investigating the allegations.

“We have immediately stopped purchases of coffee from all farms in the region and we will not resume purchases until we are able to investigate and be assured that child labour is not being used,” said Nespresso chief executive Guillaume Le Cunff.

A Thomson Reuters Foundation investigation in December found that coffee produced by forced labour in Brazil was stamped slavery-free by top certification schemes and sold at a premium to major brands like Nespresso.

Oscar-winning actor George Clooney, who is brand ambassador for Nespresso, has said that he is “surprised and saddened” by the revelations.

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