New mass events restrictions announced; Doctors to press ahead with industrial action

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The Maltese Ministry of Health has announced a number of restrictive measures in relation to mass events after a spike in COVID-19 cases in the past two weeks.

Amongst the measures announced the government introduced limits on the number of people who may attend mass events.

Government, however has stopped short of heeding calls for an outright ban on large activities, MaltaToday reports.

The Times reports that as of Friday, risk assessments will need to be carried out for venues which can take more than 100 people.

The measures

  • From Friday 31 July, at 8am, the number of people in every venue should be limited to 1 person for every 4sq.m to ensure social distancing
  • Within the venue itself, groups of more than 10 will not be allowed
  • People who attend these events will have to leave a contact number for ease of tracing
  • Organisers will be responsible to ensure these standards are adhered to and risk legal action if they fail to do so
  • Venues that can take more than 100 people will have to carry out a risk assessment prior to going ahead with the event
  • From Friday, all festa marches will be stopped

The announcement came at a press conference hours after the nurses union joined the doctors’ union in warning that they would resort to industrial action unless mass events were cancelled.

Doctors, however announced that they will press ahead with industrial action after government failed to ban mass events.

Times of Malta, MaltaToday

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