No barriers for care as group of women rent crane to be close to their friend fighting cancer

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A friendship that has lasted for over ten years became a viral phenomenon after the 12 protagonists did a beautiful gesture towards their friend.

After not being able to see their friend suffering from cancer at the Alexander Fleming Day Hospital in Buenos Aires for two months due to the anti-Covid restrictions, twelve friends rented a crane to greet her from the window.

The friends from La Plata, wanted to be near their 52-year-old friend Gabriela, rented a crane and visited her with balloons and posters to show her support.

The initiative went viral around the world and warmed the hearts of millions of people, at a time when news is mainly sad.

“I knew I would see you, Gabriela”, “We are here, I can’t believe it. They can’t beat us, Gabi”, the friends shouted from the crane. “

She fell ill and is hospitalized at Fleming, with the anguish and isolation it becomes more difficult to sustain the situation. So we came to find her this way. She is a great fighter, she will go on,” one of them told al El Día newspaper.

A gesture that users around the world appreciated: “The best gift they could give her. These are true friendships, not only for the good, but even more for the bad,” wrote a girl on Twitter. And again: “There are no barriers true friendship cannot break down”.

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