‘Noise camera’ trial in Rotterdam to catch loud vehicles

grey coupe on road
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Rotterdam is developing special ‘noise cameras’ to crack down on dozens of rogue drivers who rev their engines, screech to a halt and cause extreme noise nuisance.

Last week, the city released the results of a study of traffic noise in three locations, carried out last year.

The investigation showed that this exceeded 80 decibels 16,000 times during the two months, with the worst noise during fine weather and early evenings.

The worst offenders, who probably had souped-up engines, created sounds of 20 to 30 decibels more than ‘normal’ traffic, the study said.

In a council briefing aimed at ‘dealing with road hogs and their roaring engines’, mayor Ahmed Aboutaleb said the city is working on combining a speed camera which records registration numbers and noise emissions in order protect residents’ health, quality of life and traffic safety.

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