On the warpath with Covid-19

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by Tonio Galea 

The world is, without doubt, entering a new era as the coronavirus continues to spread unabated to every corner.  This era that has yet to be formally defined, but it will certainly shape every strata of society for years to come.  The wide-ranging effects of the disease could not have been predicted and they will continue to be felt at all levels: educational, economic and social.

But developments are still in the early stages and the outcomes are hard to determine. What is certain is that this is another defining moment in the history of mankind.

‌Many leaders have likened the struggle against the pandemic to a ‘war’. The traditional image that comes to mind at the word ‘war’ is of military armed to their teeth on the front line.

‌In this war, the front line troops are the doctors and nurses and other medical professionals, and many of them are indeed paying with their lives. In reality, they are always on the front line, but their battles are often overlooked.

While before finances were allocated to building the best military machine, now the priority is to have one’s medical sector geared up with the best offensive and defensive measures that a national budget allows.

‌As our grandparents lived through WW2, this generation has the covid-19 It is a silent and invisible enemy that knows no borders and that has already taken a heavy toll on humanity with thousands of lives lost. They are fathers, mothers, children and grandparents who will never back.

‌The coronavirus is the war of our times, with its victims and heroes, the sung and the unsung.

Tonio Galea

Ci Consulta – GeoPolitics – Editor Corporate Dispatch