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1794 – French Revolutionary figure Maximilien Robespierre and 22 other leaders of “the Terror” guillotined to thunderous cheers in Paris 

1868The Fourteenth Amendment to the U.S. Constitution—which granted citizenship and equal civil and legal rights to African Americans and slaves who had been emancipated after the Civil War—entered into force. 

1914 – Austria-Hungary decides against mediation and declares war on Serbia – first declaration of war of WWI 

1917 – The Silent Parade is organised by James Weldon Johnson . 10,000 African-Americans march on 5th Ave in NYC to protest against lynching 

1943 – Operation Gomorrah: RAF bombing over Hamburg causes a firestorm that kills 42,600 German civilians 

1976 – Tangshan Earthquake, 8.2 in magnitude kills over 240,000 Northern China in the largest loss of life from an earthquake in the 20th century 

2005 – The Provisional Irish Republican Army call an end to their thirty year long armed campaign in Northern Ireland

Births & Deaths:
1929Jacqueline Kennedy OnassisFirst Lady of the United States as the wife of President John F. Kennedy who is best known for her highly publicized restoration of the White House and emphasis on arts and culture, as well as for her style, elegance, and grace, was born on this day. 

1977 – Legendary England cricket all-rounder Ian Botham on debut takes 5 for 74 in the Australian 1st innings in a 7 wicket 3rd Test win at Trent Bridge 

1914 – Foxtrot 1st danced at New Amsterdam Roof Garden, in NYC, by Harry Fox 

TV & Film:
1932 – “White Zombie” – 1st feature length zombie film directed by Victor Halperin and starring Béla Lugos is released in the US 

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