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1558 – 1st printing of Zohar (Jewish Kabbalah)

1704 – During the War of the Spanish Succession, Britain took control of Gibraltar after Spain surrendered, and “the Rock” subsequently became a British colony and a symbol of British naval strength.

1790 – U.S. Secretary of the Treasury Alexander Hamilton established the Revenue Marine Service, which became the U.S. Coast Guard.

1821 – Russian Antarctic Expedition led by Fabian Gottlieb von Bellingshausen returns to Kronshtadt after becoming the 1st to circumnavigate Antarctica

1914 – In response to the German invasion of Belgium, Great Britain entered World War I, declaring war on Germany.

1942 – 1st train with Jews departs Mechelen Belgium to Auschwitz

1944 – Anne Frank arrested in Amsterdam by German Security Police (Grüne Polizei) following a tip-off from an informer who was never identified

1993 – Rwandian Hutus and Tutsis sign peace treaty in Arusha, Tanzania

2007 – The U.S. space probe Phoenix was launched, and a year later it landed on Mars. Among its most-important discoveries was the existence of water ice beneath the planet’s surface.

Births & Deaths:
1961 – Barack Obama, the first African-American elected President of the United States, best known for his achievements in office after winning a second term in 2012, made him one of the most transformative presidents of the past hundred years, was born on this day.

2001 – Australian cricket spinner Shane Warne skittles England (162) with 6/33 to guide tourists to a 7 wicket 3rd Test victory at Trent Bridge; Aussies regain Ashes with record 7th straight Test win v England

1956 – Elvis Presley releases “Hound Dog”

TV & Film:
2015 – Muppets Missy Piggy and Kermit the Frog announce the end to their relationship on Twitter

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