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1461 – Ming Dynasty Chinese military general Cao Qin stages a coup against the Tianshun Emperor

1714 – The Battle of Gangut: the first important victory of the Russian Navy during the Great Northern War against Sweden

1782 – George Washington ordered the creation of the first U.S. military decoration, the Badge of Military Merit (today called the Purple Heart), which was later awarded to three Revolutionary War soldiers for bravery in action.

1888 – The first of the murders committed by Jack the Ripper took place in London’s East End.

1933 – The Iraqi Government slaughters over 3,000 Assyri ans in the village of Sumail. The day becomes known as Assyrian Martyrs Day.

1942 – In the Allies’ first major offensive in the Pacific theatre during World War II, U.S. Marines on this day in 1942 landed on Guadalcanal and captured the airfield from Japan, sparking a battle that lasted some six months.

1955 – Tokyo Telecommunications Engineering, the precursor to Sony, begins selling its first transistor radios in Japan

1974 – French-born Philippe Petit walked on a high wire between the newly built twin towers of the World Trade Center in New York City, about 1,350 feet (411 metres) above the ground. He was arrested, but the charges were later dismissed.

1990 – US deploys troops to Saudi Arabia beginning Operation Desert Shield

Births & Deaths:
1957 – Oliver Hardy—member of Laurel and Hardy, the first great Hollywood motion-picture comedy team—died in North Hollywood, California.

1929 – NY Yankees slugger Babe Ruth ties MLB record by hitting grand slams in consecutive games for the second time in 13-1 win v Philadelphia A’s

2009 – “Tik Tok” single released by Kesha (Billboard Song of the Year 2010)

TV & Film:
2015 – US Presidential hopeful Donald Trump says in a CNN interview that news anchor Mergyn Kelly had “blood coming out of her eyes, blood coming out of her wherever”

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