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1588 – The Battle of Gravelines – Spanish Armada damaged and scattered by the English fleet

1609 – Samuel de Champlain shoots and kills two Iroquois chiefs at Ticonderoga, New York setting the stage for French-Iroquois conflicts for the next 150 years

1848 – Irish Potato Famine: Tipperary Revolt – an unsuccessful nationalist revolt against British rule put down by police

1905 – US Secretary of War William Howard Taft makes secret agreement with Japanese Prime Minister Katsura agreeing to Japanese free rein in Korea in return for non-interference with the US in the Philippines

1921 – Adolf Hitler becomes leader of the National Socialist German Workers Party

1949 – Moscow ends the blockade of West Berlin

1957 – International Atomic Energy Agency formed by UN

1975 – Ford became 1st US President to visit Nazi concentration camp Auschwitz

1980 – David Bowie stars in dramatic stage play “The Elephant Man” at the Auditorium Theater in Denver, Colorado

1990 – South Africa Communist Party begins 1st legal conference

1994 – 200,000 Muslims demand the death of feminist writer Taslima Nasrin in Bangladesh

2005 – Astronomers announce their discovery of dwarf planet Eris

2013 – 300 prisoners are freed after a Taliban attack in Dera Ismal Khan, Pakistan

2014 – France contributes 8 million Euros in aid to Gaza

2015 – Part of missing airline MH370 is found on the island of Reunion

2016 – Hillary Clinton accepts the Democratic nomination for US President at Democratic convention in Philadelphia – first woman by a major US party

2018 – Ethiopian state funeral for murdered dam engineer Simegnew Bekele in Addis Ababa prompts unrest

2020 – Scaled back Hajj pilgrimage begins in Saudi Arabia with no foreigners

Film & TV:

1928 – Test footage first created for Walt Disney’s “Steamboat Willie” with Mickey Mouse


1973 – Led Zeppelin have more than $200,000 in cash stolen from a safety-deposit box at the New York Hilton


1751 – 1st international world title prize fight: Jack Stack of England, beats challenger M. Petit of France in 29 mins in England

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