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1675 – German mathematician Gottfried Wilhelm Leibniz demonstrates integral calculus for the – first time to find the area under the graph of y = f(x) function

1745 – Bonnie Prince Charlie’s army enters England

1918 – WWI armistice signed by the Allies and Germany comes into effect and World War I hostilities end at 11am, “the eleventh hour of the eleventh day of the eleventh month”

1966 – Gemini 12, the last spacecraft in the Gemini series and the first to make an automatically controlled reentry into Earth’s atmosphere, was launched.

1975 – Australian Prime Minister Gough Whitlam removed from office by Governor General Sir John Kerr – 1st elected PM removed in 200 yrs

1975 – Angola declared independence after the Portuguese withdrew.

1992 – The Church of England approves the ordination of female priests

2004 – Yasser Arafat’s death through unidentified causes confirmed by Palestine Liberation Organization, Mahmoud Abbas elected PLO chairman minutes later.

2006 – New Zealand war memorial monument unveiled by Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II in London, United Kingdom, commemorating the loss of soldiers from the New Zealand Army and the British Army

2014 – The people of Catalonia in north-eastern Spain vote in a disputed and non-binding poll on independence

2018 – On centenary of WWI Armistice Day French President Macron urges world to reject Nationalism in speech to under Arc de Triomphe in Paris

2019 – Arctic blast brings record low temperatures for November to the US Midwest including Kansas, Wisconsin, Michigan and Illinois

2019 – More than 120 bush fires in Australia cause the country to declare state of emergency in two states with a catastrophic threat issued for Sydney region

2020 – UK becomes the first European country to record over 50,000 deaths, fifth country after the US, Brazil, India and Mexico

Births & Deaths:

1831 – Black American slave Nat Turner was hanged after leading a slave rebellion that resulted in the deaths of some 60 white people; in addition, many innocent slaves were massacred in the accompanying hysteria.

1974 – American actor Leonardo DiCaprio, who was noted for his portrayals of unconventional and complex characters, was born.

2004 – Yasser Arafat—who was president (1996–2004) of the Palestinian Authority (PA), chairman (1969–2004) of the Palestine Liberation Organization (PLO), and leader of Fatah, the largest of the constituent PLO groups—died in Paris.

Film & TV:

1985 – 1st AIDS theme TV movie – “An Early Frost” screens in US on NBC


1925 – Louis Armstrong and his Hot Five begin their first recording session


1946 – New York Knicks play their first Basketball Association of American (BAA) home game at Madison Square Garden; lose, 78-68 to Chicago Stags in overtime

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