Opinion: Argentina should not play the World Cup in Russia, otherwise its decision on Israeli game is mere hypocrisy

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The following is an article penned by Miguel Wiñazki which appeared in Clarin (Argentina). Article was originally written in Argentinian and what you’re reading is a translation. 

“The soccer match between Argentina and Israel was suspended in Jerusalem after a protest by militants for the actions of the Jewish State against Palestine.

You can imagine then that to be consistent the National Team will not play in Russia, because from the Kremlin the military incursions in Syria were decided in complicity with the tyrant Bashar Al Assad who determined the death of thousands of citizens of that country.

Nor should we play then against Iceland , because the forces of that country formed the alliances that invaded Iraq and Afghanistan by blood and fire.

Nor against Nigeria in protest against the atrocities perpetrated by the terrorist group Boko Haram before thousands of victims, mostly women.

Of course, we must avoid Croatia , in solidarity with the Serbs who do not validate the Croatian brutality in the war that confronted them and that killed so many: of course the Serbs were not saints either.

NOT to mention the past Croatian alliances with the Nazis.

It is necessary to warn that we will not play against Spain , for the colonial enclaves in Ceuta and Melilla, for the electrified gates in these sites that kill immigrants.

Neither against France for its historically colonialist policies nor against Saudi Arabia for the oppression in that country against women or against Brazil , which imprisoned Lula , and for his slave-like past that does not give up altogether given the discrimination that still exists …

Strictly speaking, and of course according to this line of conduct, neither should the National Team ever appear to play in Palestine; the Gaza Strip is dominated by the terrorist group Hamas , and at war with the Palestinian Authority that rules the West Bank

Let’s not play with anyone . Nor with ourselves that we can not even deal with our cases of corruption.

We can abolish football, become a moral beacon, and raise the world cup of universal hypocrisy.

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