Over 1,000,000 vaccinated in Poland making country ahead of large EU Countries

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POLANDIn – The Polish government has announced that the number of people to have received their first jab against the coronavirus has crossed 1 million

Website gov.pl reports that more than 1,150,000 people have received the vaccine since the national vaccination programme started on December 27th.

Poland is ahead of all the largest European Union countries in terms of the number of daily COVID-19 vaccine doses administered per 100 people, according to statistics published by UK website Our World in Data.

Initially, the vaccine was only administered to employees of the health service, nursing home residents and staff. Starting January 25th, vaccinations became available to people aged 70 and above.

1,156,931 COVID-19 vaccinations have been performed in total, with 863 adverse reactions reported. 2486 doses of the vaccine had to be disposed of due to various kinds of mishandling.

The government has announced that the health service has the capacity to vaccinate between 3.5 million and 4 million people a month, a figure significantly higher than the number of vaccine doses that the producers of vaccine can currently supply.

Currently, 2.9 vaccinations per 100 inhabitants are conducted in Poland, the same rate as in Spain, data from the Oxford University portal shows.

The largest EU countries have lower rates than Poland. Germany has 2.65 doses administered for every 100 people, France 1.82 and Italy 2.83.

The data include immunisations performed up to January 28.

At the moment, Malta is the pacesetter in the EU, conducting 5.33 vaccinations per 100 in a day. Denmark is second in the ranking with a 3.82 rate, and Slovenia is third with a rate of 3.41. Poland holds the ninth position in the bloc.

Poland In / Gov.pl

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