Over £23 million raised by 99-year-old war veteran for NHS

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Capt Tom Moore, the 99-year-old war veteran who raised funds for the NHS, has been left “speechless” after raising more than £23m for the NHS.

Capt Tom Moore originally aimed to raise just £1,000 for NHS Charities Together by completing 100 laps of his garden before his 100th birthday. The Duke of Cambridge hailed him as a “one-man fundraising machine”.

His daughter Hannah Ingram-Moore said: “There are no words left to say. We cannot believe people’s generosity and he’s just floored by it.”

The BBC reports that through a tweet, he said he would be doing “less walking” on Friday but would be talking to TV channels in the United States, Argentina, Europe and the Middle East.

Speaking to BBC Radio 2 he said the sum of money was “absolutely enormous” and “very difficult to imagine”. He also thanked everyone who had donated for their support.

“I say thank you very much indeed. I appreciate it because the object for which we’re donating is so important and so necessary… I think you’re all so kind and thoughtful contributing to this cause,” he said. The total includes an undisclosed donation from the Duke of Cambridge, who, with the Duchess of Cambridge, recorded a special video message for the veteran.


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