Doctors say legal amendments related to abortion create more problems / Malta News Briefing – Tuesday 6 December 2022

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The Times of Malta reveals that a man murdered in Paceville on Monday was a suspected member of a Romanian organised crime. It says that Joseff Rivas, 44, had been identified as a ‘High-Value Target’ by international intelligence services over his suspected involvement in organised crime.   

Maltatoday says that anti-abortion activists reiterated their request to meet with the Prime Minister on a new amendment to Malta’s ban on abortion.  In a statement on Tuesday, anti-abortion groups including Life Network Foundation, Doctors for Life and I See Life said they wrote to the Prime Minister on 1 December asking to meet him over the legal amendments.

TVM reports that a 36-year-old Nigerian has admitted his involvement in a romance scam ring which defrauded two women. Romance fraud is a type of fraud where the victim believes that they are in a relationship with another person and gives them money as a result.

The Malta Independent reveals that the Nationalist Party is going to proceed in court with a class action over overcharging in energy bills. In a statement, the PN said that the government remains stubborn on the matter by not doing “justice to all those who were robbed in their electricity and water bills”.

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Doctors say legal amendments related to abortion create more problems

The proposed amendment which government claims is intended to remove the risk of criminal prosecution of doctors if a pregnancy is terminated during intervention to protect a mother’s life or health will cause more problems for medical professionals, the doctors’ union said. The Medical Association of Malta said the union never asked for the bill, which amends the criminal code, and was not consulted by the government about it. (Times of Malta)

Three Romanians arrested in connection with murder

Police have arrested three men aged between 31 and 35 over the murder of a man in St Julian’s yesterday afternoon.
The suspects are Romanian and were arrested early this morning, the police said. They are being questioned at the police depot in Floriana.
Police also said that the victim was a British national resident in Romania. (Maltatoday)

Italy saves 450 migrants in Malta’s SAR, 32 still in distress

NGO Alarm Phone has reported that a group of around 450 people who fled Libya on a large fishing vessel have been rescued by the Italian Coast Guard in the early hours of Tuesday. Meanwhile, in a further alert on Tuesday, Alarm Phone called on Italy and Malta to rescue a boat carrying a group of 32 people in distress south of Sicily. (Newsbook)

Morning Briefing

Paceville: Man murdered in broad daylight

A 44-year-old man was killed in a daylight stabbing on a Paceville street on Monday afternoon. According to reports, the man, a national of Romania, was stabbed with a “sharp object” at around 3.30pm on Ross Street. Those responsible fled the scene before the police arrived, and a manhunt is now underway for the aggressors. Police are treating the case as a homicide. A medical team and ambulance took the victim to Mater Dei Hospital, but he was certified dead soon after.

105 academics sign petition in favour of abortion amendments

More than 100 academics have expressed support towards the abortion amendment being debated in parliament but argue this is “the bare minimum” to safeguard women’s lives and health. The petition signed by the 105 academics in support of Bill No. 28 responds to a similar petition signed by 81 academics against the proposed law. “We support the Bill as it currently stands. Opposing this legislation or further restricting it puts women’s lives and health at higher risk,” the 105 academics said. (Maltatoday)

HSBC gets fine for AML failures

The Financial Intelligence Analysis Unit (FIAU) has fined HSBC for violating local anti-money-laundering laws.
In an online notice, the FIAU said that the bank had failed to document the justification for a €2 million transaction by one of its clients. The AML agency said that while information on the customer’s business operations was provided by the bank, this was not supported by invoices or other transaction-related evidence. (The Malta Independent)

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