Panama Papers law firm Mossack Fonseca sues Netflix over The Laundromat

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The partners of the offshore law firm whose confidential files were exposed in the Panama Papers leak, Mossack Fonseca, have launched defamation action against Netflix over a movie about the scandal that is due to be released on Friday.

In a US lawsuit filed on Tuesday, Jurgen Mossack and Ramon Fonseca say The Laundromat, in which they are respectively played by Gary Oldman and Antonio Banderas, portrays them as “ruthless uncaring lawyers who are involved in money laundering, tax evasion, bribery and/or other criminal conduct” and ask the court to stop it from being screened.

In documents filed to the court they say the release of the film is likely to subject them to “additional bail and/or conditions for each new crime imputed to them in the movie” in Panama, where they are set to go on trial on charges related to the law firm.

And it would also interfere with their right to a fair trial in the US, where they are under investigation by the FBI, they said in a legal memorandum filed with the district court in Connecticut.

The pair also complain the film lacks permission to use the logo of their firm, which a private investigator hired by them told the court it uses to promote itself on “pens, clocks, speakers, hats, notebooks, notepads, letter openers, wine opening kits, stationary, letterhead, signs, invoices, labels, doors, building facades, clothing, sponsorship signs, pamphlets, [and] coffee cups”.

Mossack Fonseca shut down in March last year, two years after the release of the Panama Papers thrust the affairs of their clients onto front pages around the world.


Via The Guardian

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