Passengers could face quarantine on return to Britain under new ‘red list’ alert system

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Passengers due to travel abroad have been warned that they could be forced into quarantine on their return under a new system that could see “air bridges” collapse at short notice.

The UK currently reviews nations on its “safe list” every three weeks but is expected to announce a rolling review system that could see countries placed on its “red list” at short notice should they see a serious spike in coronavirus cases.

It raises the prospect of holidaymakers travelling abroad to countries only to discover, before they end their holiday, that they may have to stay in quarantine on their return.

The Government is expected to announce that Spain is to remain on its “safe” list despite a surge in Covid-19 outbreaks that has forced regional authorities to reintroduce local restrictions.

However, it is understood that ministers intend to replace the three-weekly review of “safe” destinations with one in which countries are added or excluded depending on spikes or drops in cases.

That will allow a more agile response to open up countries to travel as their infection rates fall and exclude those hit by a second wave, even though holidaymakers could face a period of quarantine on their return.

The review is understood to make very few changes to the 74 destinations exempted from the 14-day quarantine in the first list of “safe” countries three weeks ago.

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