Persons looking for a job increase by 2,199 in a year – NSO

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The number of persons looking for a job has increased by 2,199 in just a year, data published by the NSO has shown. This means that the number of the number of unemployed persons reached 11,930. Back in February 2020, the number stood at 9,731.

The unemployment rate for February 2021 stood at 4.4 per cent, at par with the previous month and 0.9 percentage points more than February 2020.

The unemployment rate for males was 4.5 per cent, 0.1 percentage points more than the previous month. The rate for females stood at 4.2 per cent, down by 0.1 percentage points from January 2021 estimates.

The unemployment rate for persons aged 15 to 24 years (youth unemployment rate) was 10.0 per cent,
while the rate for those between 25 and 74 years old stood at 3.7 per cent.

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