Photo of new born baby ‘trying to remove’ doctor’s mask becomes symbol of hope

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A picture of a new born baby tugging at a doctor’s surgical mask is being interpreted as a symbol of hope as the world continues to overcome the coronavirus pandemic and wearing face masks and hand sanitizers have become the new normal..

The picture was shared on Facebook by Dubai-based doctor Samer Cheaib along with a caption that read, “We all want a sign that we are going to take off the mask soon.”

In the picture Lebanese doctor Dr Samer Cheaib, obstetrician and gynaecologist with NMC owned Fakih IVF Clinics, can be seen holding a new born baby in his hand, who, it seems, is attempting to remove the mask off his face.

For Dr Cheaib, it was a regular day at work. “I conducted a C-section delivery where the mother bore a pair of twins – a girl and boy. I got the girl out first and then her brother, who spontaneously tugged at my mask trying to pull it off my face. We all laughed and joked how this was a good omen and that hopefully, we will be able to go back to pre-Covid times when wearing masks was not mandatory. Their excited father was clicking pictures relentlessly to capture the special moments of seeing his twin come to the world.”

Dr Cheaib, who is passionate about creating awareness among women about the importance of experiencing motherhood, said he found the picture symbolic and meaningful.  

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