Photo Story: 20-ton whale carcass found on a beach in Uruguay

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A handout photo made available by the Kerayvoty Reserve of a group of fishermen analyzing the carcass of a whale 15.5 meters long and weighing around 20 tons, on a beach in the department (province) of Colonia, in the southwest of Uruguay.

 According to the person in charge of the nature reserve, intended for the preservation and conservation of native and exotic animals, located about four kilometres from Artilleros, veterinarians consulted estimated that it was a blue whale.

‘It is a whale that weighs around 20 tons or so. It measures 15.5 meters long and 3.4 meters wide,’ he stated, to which he pointed out that the last time a specimen of this species was seen stranded in the South American country was a century ago.

Via EPA-EFE/Reserva Kerayvoty

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