Photo Story – Iconic Kolkata yellow taxi faces trouble amid coronavirus pandemic

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Yellow taxi owners wait for passengers near Victoria Memorial in Kolkata, Eastern India, 14 July 2021. The iconic Kolkata yellow taxi came to the city as early as 1907, but the city may lose its typical taxi to the coronavirus pandemic. While some thousands of the Ambassador cabs still play apart of the city, the demand for app-based cabs increases what seems like an end of the yellow taxis. Facing economic troubles in the wave of the coronavirus, several taxi drivers selling off their cars. The Ambassador was the first car made in India from 1956, which could accommodate four passengers as well as luggage. Nearly seven years ago, Hindustan Motors suspended its production and the factory was closed. Despite its British origins, the Ambassador was considered an Indian car and icon of prestige and every minister’s and diplomat’s official car was an Ambassador in India.