Photo Story: Invasion of deadly desert locusts in Kenya

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A woman uses an iron sheet to make noises with, as a way of trying to disperse desert locusts that had invaded their farms during the second wave invasion in Kakongo village, in Nuu-Mwingi East, in Kitui, Kenya, 06 February 2021.

The second wave invasion of the desert locusts in the country comes at a time where most farmers are expecting to harvest their farm produce in the country. According to the United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO), on 04 February, warned numerous immature desert locust swarms to persist in southern Ethiopia and Kenya.

Some of the swarms are in community areas and therefore cannot be treated. In Kenya, immature swarms continue to spread westwards across northern and central counties where there are currently about 20 small swarms present, mostly about 50 hectares in size, it said.


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